Fated Mates series

Bought by the Alpha

He’s finally found her… again.

My father screamed at me to run. The silver necklace, the only thing I hKellianad from my mother, was torn from my neck as I fled. But one of the bad guys chased me, cornered me in the woods with a gun… and I still can’t believe what happened next. What leaped from the shadows to save me.

I thought that it couldn’t get any worse. But now I know he exists, and he knows I exist. How am I supposed to escape him? He’s not even human. He acts like he owns me. Out there, though, there are more men who want to kill me. And they’re coming to finish what they started.

I’m going to need a Christmas miracle to survive this.

Or maybe… I just need him. But will he help me if I refuse to pay his price… me?


This paranormal romance will first be available in a box set in November, and then as a standalone title early 2018. Stay tuned for more information!